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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I can never say no to anyone but you

If I start hearing this song in my dreams, I guess I must be listening to it too much! *laugh* Oh, but the album is so sweetly succinct that I can't help but play it again every time it ends. I guess it's good that I've return the cd *grin* it's different in a way, when left with only the mp3s.

And of course it's such a big difference watching them live; I do so want to catch them when they come here!

I met the most obliging cat yesterday. She couldn't say no to anything. Even when panting and sweating from her paws, which is such a strange sight to see on a cat. *grin*

Sharp and open, leave me alone
And sleeping less every night
As the days become heavier and weighted
Waiting in the cold light

A noise
, a scream
Tears my clothes as the figurines tighten

With spiders inside them
And dust on the lips of a vision of hell
I laughed in the mirror for the first time in a year

A hundred other words blind me with your purity
Like an old painted doll in the throes of dance
I think about tomorrow
Please let me sleep
As I slip down the window
Freshly squashed fly

You mean nothing
You mean nothing

I can lose myself in Chinese art and American girls
All the time
Lose me in the dark
Please do it right
Run into the night
I will lose myself tomorrow
Crimson pain
My heart explodes
My memory in a fire
And someone will listen
At least for a short while

I can never say no
I can never say no to anyone but you

Too many secrets
Too many lies
Writhing with hatred
Too many secrets
Please make it good tonight
But the same image haunts me
In sequence
In despair of time

I will never be clean again
I touched her eyes
Pressed my stained face
I will never be clean again

Touch her eyes
Press my stained face
I will never be clean again

The Cure | The Figurehead

I like this one a lot too. I find the drums on it very steady and comforting, and the riffs in between verses and chorus beautiful and melodic. And yes, anything siamese is always so alluring in a way.

I chose an eternity of this
Like falling angels
The world disappeared
Laughing into the fire
Is it always like this?
Flesh and blood and the first kiss
The first colours
The first kiss

We writhed under a red light
Voodoo smile
Siamese twins
A girl at the window looks at me for an hour
Then everything falls apart
Broken inside me
It falls apart

The walls and the ceiling move in time
Push a blade into my hands
Slowly up the stairs
And into the room
Is it always like this?

Dancing in my pocket
Worms eat my skin
She glows and grows
With arms outstretched
Her legs around me
In the morning I cried

Leave me to die
You won't remember my voice
I walked away and grew old
You never talk
We never smile
I scream
You're nothing
I don't need you any more
You're nothing
It fades and spins
Fades and spins

Sing out loud
We all die
Laughing into the fire
Is it always like this?

The Cure | Siamese Twins


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